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A Czech initiative of advertising agencies, media and advertisers, “RADA PRO REKLAMU” was founded on August 23, 1994.

The Czech Advertising Standards Council is a member of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA).

Besides the General Assembly consisting of all members, the RPR has four bodies: The Arbitration Committee, the Executive Committee, Supervisory Board and the Secretariat.  

The Executive Committee has 7 members and is headed by the Executive Director who is responsible for the proper function of the RPR in between the General Assembly sessions. Members of the Executive Committee are representatives of advertising agencies, media and advertisers.

The Arbitration Committee has an exclusive right to make decisions regarding complaints received by the RPR. The Committee also reviews submitted materials and recommendations made by the Secretariat. The Arbitration Committee meets once a month, and among its 13 members are lawyers (2), representatives of advertising agencies (2), advertisers (2), media (4), psychologist (1) and sexologist (1).  President of the RPR chairs the Committee's meetings.

The Supervisory Body is a body dealing with supervision of finance and operations management of the RPR.

The Secretariat deals with the everyday agenda of the RPR, sorts materials concerning particular complaints and prepares documents for the meetings of the General Assembly, the Arbitration and the Executive Committees.

The Code of Advertising Practice was agreed and adopted by the General Assembly at the meeting on November 2, 1994. Divided into two parts, general and special, the Code contains general and particular rules of advertising. The latest version of the Code was adopted at the General Assembly meeting in May 2007.



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